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BENEFITS AND primacy Asmaul Husna

Most people know that the Divine Name No 99. odors, True Asthma is 100 where one could not be written down but it was taken by warosatul Anbiya brought by Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu Alaihi Wasallam ranging from Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him respectfully. of some books it is said that the Divine Name in the Qur'an 99 in angels al Divine Name was more than 1000 names of God in the Torah 333 God's name or the name of Allah Now that the problem is in the Quran states in part 100 but most people only know the 99, then of the guess-presumably the one that is Beautiful Names which have been mentioned from the beginning brought Beautiful Names that one can not be written but was taken by the genealogist If nowadays so it's been 1500 years of the prophethood of the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi wasallam Beautiful Names which one remains a secret and maintained by genealogist where this Beautiful Names written implanted in the soul in the sense of the letter humans are considered lucky, better known in circles, called the alkin.

 Beautiful Names benefits and uses of this one is to cover all the needs of the 99 Beautiful Names are really lucky if the person already has Asmaul Husna this one. On this occasion was writer can not mention the name of the Beautiful Names this one because it has the right to mention the genealogy of his intestines was Ali Sufi clerics

Allah says, "He had taught Adam all names" (Al-Baqarah [2]: 31) and "Whose God is the name - a beautiful name, and ask Him by the name - the name" (Al - A `RAAF [ 7]: 180)Prophet said, "God has 99 names, a hundred less one; he who understand it will go to heaven." (Shahiih Bukhaari, Muslim Shahiih). Of course, in understanding not only with words but also with deeds and our behavior.The virtues and benefits of the Name - Name of God (Asmaul Husna) has been widely felt by many people. So I tried to summarize the few books that discuss the virtues and benefits of the Asmaul Husna. Easy - hopefully benefit us all. Amiin ....


Allaah is al-ism al - a `zham, greatest name, which includes all the wonderful nature of God and a sign of essence and reason for all the essence.© Anyone who reads this ism regularly every day as much as 1000 times, by saying yes Huu Yaa Allaah, Allah will give him the perfection of faith, all doubts and uncertainties will be missing his heart.© Anyone who read it on Friday before the prayer, in a state of pure and clean clothes, and free from all the bustle, then God will allow all her demands.© If the person who is suffering from a disease that is difficult to cure by the doctors, then he prayed to God with this ism, surely he will recover with the permission of God, for death has not yet come.

1. Ar - Rahman (Most Gracious)© Whoever reads Ya Rahmaan as much as 100 times each finished working on fardhu prayer, then with the permission of Allah will be gone and forgotten negligent nature in him.2. Ar - Raheem (Merciful)© Those who afraid of falling to the deed does not like, then let him dhikr by reading Ya Rahman Ya Raheem 100 times each finished working on the prayer fardhu.© Those who read Ya Raheem 100 times after doing the dawn prayer, surely he will get the love of all creatures and protected from all disasters and misfortune.3. Al - Malik (Maharaja)© Anyone who reads this ism with a regular time each day in the sun slid as much as 100 times undoubtedly his heart will be clean, and gone are all kekotorannya.© Anyone who read it after dawn as much as 120 times, Allah will give him his wealth and bounty, either by reason - because as well as with a door that opened upon Allah.© According to the Hadith, the Prophet Khaidir as taught the following prayer to be read to the sick as much as 100 times: "Allaahhumma anta al - Malik al - Haqq al-ladzii ilaaha illaa laa anta. Yaa Allaah, yaa Salaam, yes Syaafi '"and 3 times:" yaa Syifaa' al-quluub "(" O Allah, You are the king the truth, there is no god but You. O God, O Source of Peace, Messenger of the Almighty Healer ; O Healer Heart! "). God willing he will recover.4. Al - Qudduus (Glory)© If someone who has a pure heart yaa Qudduus read 100 times every day, his heart will be free from all thoughts and concerns that cause trouble, anxiety, and suffering for ourselves.© God will cure all spiritual diseases to people who read Asma Allah is as much - much every day.© Anyone who writes: on a piece of bread after Friday prayers and then completed the eating, then God will open the door for her synagogue and will save him from disaster.(Feel the suffering of the lost and poor people, not with disdain, but with compassion and help, and hope to the promise of God that His love far exceeds His wrath)5. As - Salaam (Most Prosperous, Which Gives Welfare)© Ism serves expel disasters and disease, so if it was read for people who are suffering as much as 120 times, with the gift of God, his illness will be cured as long as death has not yet come.© If ism was read 136 times with a loud voice could be heard only by the sick man, raising his hands above the head of the sick, God willing, the sick person will recover with the permission of Allah SWT.© If anyone who reads this ism continually, Allah will protect him from all disasters and hazards.("Do not lean on a tree that will become dry and fall. Do not rely on humans, because they will grow old and die." People who rely on Allah, al-Salaam, Saviour, will never panic. The power of God will manifest themselves the man as courageous attitude of the faithful. This is the manifestation of al-Salaam)6. Al - Mu'min (The Supreme Security grant)© Those who read this Asma Allah as much as 630 times in times of fear, Allah will protect him from all disasters, accidents and losses.© Asma Allah If someone wrote this on paper or carved in silver ring is then used as ta'wiz, the physical and his spiritual salvation is in the dependents of Allah.© If a person with asthma dhikr of Allah 36 times and seek refuge in Him when faced with violence or danger, then God willing she will be safe.7. Al - Muhaymin (Supreme Maintain, the All-Protect)© If anyone reading this Asma Allah as much as 100 after a shower and pray two rak a quiet place to focus on Allah, Allah will purify born and thought.© Allah SWT will also bring him to see things unseen if Asma Allah is read 115 times.© Any person who wrote this on a piece of Asma Allah silk, and holding it above the smoke of burning perfumed oil, amber and sugar and read more than 5,000 times over the past seven days, then he placed it under the pillow, then God willing he will get a dream will affect the material and spiritual life in the future.8. Al - 'Aziiz (Mighty)© Those who dhikr with Allah Asma is a 40-day, every day as much as 40 times, Allah will help him and glorifying it, so he no longer needs the help of a creature.9. Al - Jabbaar (the All-Mighty, All-Forcing)© Anyone who really - really believe in the invincible power of God and expect the power to read yaa Jabbaar 21 times in the morning and evening, God willing, he will be spared from the threat of people - those who do wrong.© Those who read this Asma Allah as much as 226 times in every morning and evening, he would be saved from the tyranny of rulers and people - people who are cruel, either on land or at sea, in the way or in place of residence.© If someone carve Asma Allah is the silver ring and wear ring, the people - people would feel daunted about it and people - people will feel the grandeur, God willing.(One - the only place to get rid of our despair, depressed sense of reassurance from which we find ourselves is a God)10. Al - Mutakabbir (Supreme Megah, Who Have Greatness and Pride)© yaa Mutakabbir If someone is reading as much as 10 times before bersebadan with his wife, they will get a pious son.© People who read this istiqamah Asma Allah, to him will be given the glory and majesty.© If you read this before doing anything, then the task will be completed, God willing.(With His love, He suspended the punishment of his own hard so you are aware and change the course of your life. Do you feel safe because you doing, doings, which is material or spiritual, which no doubt will always lead to a frightening or reward humility elevated)11. Al - Khaaliq (Creator)© If Asma Allah is read in the middle of the night and understand its meaning in his heart, Allah will specifically be created for him an angel who will pray for him until the end of time. It is also useful to illuminate the hearts and faces.© Asma Allah Who is reading this as much as 100 times for 7 days, he will be protected from all evil, God willing.("I am the Hidden Treasury. I want to be known, so I put myself creature.")12. Al - Baari '(The Supreme Hold, The Plan of All Things)© If a barren woman who fasted for 7 days and every day after breaking with water and then read Yaa yaa Baari'uu Mushawwiru 21 times, Allah will give him a son, God willing.© Asma Allah Whoever read this for 7 consecutive days - contributed as much as 100 times then it will be safe from disaster.13. Al - Mushawwir (Supreme Forming)© If a woman can not have children and believe that only God - is the Creator, then he fasted for 7 days and every breaking of the fast read Khaaliq yaa yaa Baarii 'yaa Mushawwir 21 times over a glass of water and break their fast by drinking water This, God willing, he will have a child.(Just as God merge cells - the cells in the human body, he also put everyone with his actions on the road to eternity. That became our friend charity is only our deeds.)14. Al - Ghaffaar (Forgiving)© Those who read this Asma Allah 100 times after Friday prayers, then all the sins - sins will be forgiven in the previous week.© When anger burning in the hearts of a person, then that person remember and read yaa Ghaffaar, then the anger will subside.© Those who read yaa Ghaffaar every day after praying 'Asr, Allah will admit those who read it in a class of people - people who are forgiven by Him.15. Al - Qahhaar (Supreme Beat)© If a person who has sincere intentions in his heart to free itself from the passions and powers of earthly desires is to remember and read yaa Qahhaar often as possible, surely he will be able to control desires.© Efficacious for pain love to the world and excessive exaltation in addition to God in the heart. Whoever used this dhikr with Asma Allah, then he will get it and will win over rivals.16. Al - Wahhaab (Supreme Giver)© People who are poverty stricken Asma Allah should always read it or write it to be worn as ta'wiz. Or read it as much as 40 times in the last prostration in prayer Duha. God willing, he will be freed from poverty through an unexpected way - thought.© If a person has intent, specifically for hajatnya granted, should do the prostration are at home or the mosque and then read it 100 times Asma Allah, Insha Allah hajatnya will be granted.© If someone wants to improve material and spiritual life, let him pray two rak night for three or seven days - in succession, to offer his hand to God and read yaa Wahhaab 100 times before he pleaded their needs, Allah will grant her prayer.(Those who sin are like poor people who fell into the sewer water. What to do first? In such circumstances, he can not deal with other people, and also can not stand alone. Unless he is insane, do not realize his situation is disgusting, he would immediately take a bath and cleanse themselves. Soap and water clean mind is repentance. Woe to those who do not see and feel the bad smell in his mind!)17. Ar - Razzaaq (Supreme Giver Rezeki)© If someone really - really believe that our sustenance comes from God and that the household requires sustenance, then each completed the dawn prayer Razzaaq yaa she can read as much as 10 times in the four corners of the house, starting from the right corner and facing the Qiblah. God will add to the family fortune.© The person who wrote this Asma Allah and hung it where they work. Insha Allah get more success.© Reading yaa Razzaaq as much as 100 times after Friday prayers would help people suffering from stress and depression.18. Al - Fattaah (Supreme Opener, Which Eliminates Difficulty and Giver of Decision)© He who puts his right hand chest after the dawn prayer and reading God Asthma is 70 times, God willing, his heart will be clean from fantasy, crime, selfishness, anger and other impurities. Illuminate the soul and eases business.(People who believe grateful for the life they have received. They realize their gratitude into action by serving God because of God's creatures, by always working hard as - if they will never die.)19. Al - 'Aliim (All-Knowing)© Asma Allah Whoever read this on a regular basis as much as 100 times after every prayer fardhu, then he will gain the ability to see things - certain things that escaped the attention of people and have strong faith. In addition, his heart would be filled with ma'rifatullahi (knowing God).© If someone melazinkan read Asma Allah is as much as 150 times each heart, thinking and understanding will undoubtedly increase.(With love and His mercy, God gives what is stayed by his servant, regardless of faith or disbelief. If you want this world you will get it. If you want eternal life in the hereafter, you will get it)20. Al - Qaabidh (Supreme narrowing)© Yaa Qaabidh is dhikr angel of death, Azrael. Anyone who tyrannized recommended reading as much as 903 times yaa Qaabidh, then the wrongdoers and tyranny that eventually will be destroyed or that person is protected from both.© Whoever wrote ism al-Qaabidh at forty pieces of bread for 40 days, then he will not feel the pain of illness and be saved from hunger, thirst, injuries and so forth.21. Al - Baasith (Supreme paved)© Yaa Baasith is dhikr angel trumpet blower, Israfil. Anyone who used to read Asma Allah is surely he will obtain peace in his heart, free from stress and a variety of issues, his income increases, loved and appreciated and to give happiness to others.© If someone dhikr with Asma Allah Duha prayer after doing as much as ten times, raising his hands to the sky and then menyapukannya into his face, Allah will open a door for her wealth.22. Al - Khaafidh (Supreme Degrading, humiliating Someone)© yaa Khaafidh Whoever read as much as 500 times, then all would be filled hajatnya Allah and eliminate all the difficulties, God willing.© People who fasted for three days and on the fourth day reading Asma Allah 70 times while sitting alone, he will gain victory over their enemies, God willing.© Those who read this Asma Allah as much as 889 times at the right time, surely he would not be defeated by any enemy.© If a group is threatened by the enemy to fast for three days and on the fourth day they gathered to read 7,000 times yaa Khaafidh divided according to their numbers, then God will take care of them and lowering their enemy.(People who denigrated God can only be raised by him. Allah is the Most Merciful. Treatment like that would wake the sleeping person who is unaware of them. Thus, through suffering, a low state at the hands of al-Khaafidh, a great gift for people who conscious and see the hands that raise and lower hands)23. Ar - Raafi `(Oft Raising Someone Degrees)© If the person who wishes to be high among humans, just to help and guide them to the right path, read yaa Raafi '100 times day and night, undoubtedly a high status and power will be gained.© Anyone who read Yaa Raafi 'as much as 70 times, surely he will be safe from tampering by people - people who are persecuting.© People who read this Asma Allah 100 times at midnight on the date to -14 Qamariyah month, Allah will give him sufficient and does not intend to creatures, God willing.24. Al - Mu `izzu (Supreme Glorifying, The Giving Glory)© If a person who feels rich without the affluent, who became powerful without arms and muscle and is able to put aside his ego in his efforts to help others, must deal with powerful enemies and persecuted, then he can read Yaa Mu'izzu after evening prayers on Sunday and Thursday. He will be spared from fear and looks mighty in the eyes of the enemy - the enemy.© If Asma Allah was read 40 times after the maghrib prayer every Monday and Friday, Allah will give to those who read it the glory and honor, and God will instill fear into the hearts of all creatures to him, God willing.25. Al - Mudzillu (Supreme humiliating)© Anyone who read Yaa Mudzillu ism as much as 75 times and then he prayed in prostration and said, "O Allah, protect me from evil So and so", surely he will be free from inside his prison and will survive the disruption of people - those who envy and injustice.26. Al - Samii '(Hearing)© Whoever reads Ya Samii 'on Thursday after praying Duha 50 times or 500 times, then he will be a prayer answered.© If someone reading this Asma Allah 100 times on Thursday between sunnah prayer and prayer fardhu at dawn, then Allah will grant him special grace, God willing.© If a preacher or public speaker who believe that God hears what she's saying, get used to reading Yaa Samii 'as often as possible, his words will undoubtedly great influence on his audience.(Allah says in one hadith qudsi, "It is not a my servant approached me with constantly being obedient except I will love him and if I love him and I into his ear with which he heard and became a tongue with which he spoke and became with which he clasped his hands. ")27. Al - Bashiir (Seer, the Seer of All Things)© Yaa Bashiir People who read as much as 100 times after Friday prayers in istiqamah, WT God will give him sight (eyes) a sharp and light in his heart. Insha Allah.© If a work is not intended for themselves but for God, then the person reading Bashiir yaa yaa Allaah as much as 100 times before Friday prayers, Allah will be encouraging that person with His love and give it success in the job that he purposes.(God also has given us the eyes of the heart to see things - things deeper than can be captured by the normal eye sight, inner eye to see the inner man.'s Eyes is called bashiirah. Although we can not see God, because only He can saw himself, but with bashiirah we can see ourselves.)28. Al - Hakam (Supreme Set of All Legal)Whoever © dhikr with Asma Allah is as much as 99 times in the late evening in a state of ablution and mengkonsenterasikan mind then God will make his mind as a place of secrets - secret divinity and his heart would be filled with light.(No need to worry over what will happen and there is no reason to regret what has happened, because regret not going to change anything - anything. Accept and you will be given keridhoan and peace. Rather - rather to question the decision of Allah, be the true judge for yourselves . Do not you persecuting yourself and do not release or pamper yourself. Judge others as you judge yourself)29. Al - 'Adl (Mah Fair)© Anyone who writes (with za'faran or with finger gesture) Asma Allah is above 20 pieces of bread on Friday night or day, then eat it, then Allah will make all creatures subject to him, God willing.30. Al - Lathiif (Supreme Smooth, Soft Supreme, Supreme Love)© Those who read this Asma Allah as much as 133 times each day, Allah will grant him sustenance in abundance.© Who is overwritten difficulty should perform ablution properly and then working on circumcision pray two cycles, then he has intended meaning and read it 100 times Asma Allah, then Allah SWT will provide a way out of the difficulty that, Insha Allah.© Reading as much as 129 times Yaa Lathiif will help people suffering from depression and stress.© If the ordinary person reading Allaah Lathiifun bi 'ibaadih yarzuq man yasyaa' wa Huwa al-Qawiiyy al-'Aziiz (Allah is Gentle to the servant - His slave, He gives sustenance to whom He wills, and He is Strong, Mighty) 9 times each, then God willing he will get the day an easier and happier.(Often times people have to know the opposite of something to understand it. People who have never felt sadness, happiness would not know. If there is nothing bad, we would not know beauty. Good and bad are equally important. God showed the one with the other , right with wrong, and shows us the result of each - they attacked.)31. Al - Khabiir (All-Knowing)Whoever © dhikr with Asma Allah for 7 days it will come to her spiritual (angels countrymen) who will tell him the news - news of events that occurred in that year, or news about the king - king or news about the heart and other - other.© Those who are in power people who always abuse him, then he should multiply this dhikr with Asma Allah.© Any person who desires insatiable Asma Allah should always read this, God willing, he will soon be free from an insatiable lust that.© If a person suffering from a bad temperament and really - really feel ashamed and want to eliminate them, then it is very beneficial for him to read yaa Khabiir often as possible.© If a believer feels anxious on the result of an act, it will be disclosed to him the consequences of his deeds in his dreams when he read the paragraph 'alaa man khalaqa ya'lam wa Huwa al-Lathiif al-Khabiir "(Is God who created it did not know [that you reveal and conceal]? And He is Subtle, All-knowing) [Al-Mulk: 14] several times until he fell asleep at night.32. Al - Haliim (Clement)© If Asma Allah is written on paper and then poured water, then water is sprinkled or diusapkan on a builder tool, it will be able to add keberkahannya, if added to a vessel, the vessel will avoid the danger of drowning and of all the distress.© If someone is grumpy yaa Haliim read as much as 88 times when his anger almost peaked, surely his anger will subside.© If you love one of the couple husband and wife to fade, then Asma Allah by writing this on an apple and eat it will help restore a sense of love.© If Asma Allah is written on a piece of paper, then dissolved into the water and the water disiramkkan onto land or garden, then God willing, the soil will produce a better harvest.(God loves a pure heart and clean, like a clean mirror reflecting the nature - his nature is beautiful. God loves attitude haliim gentle man who did not want to condemn and to retaliate, but rather wait and hope for the enemy - the enemy changed and become haliim with itself.)33. Al - 'adheem (Supreme Court)Whoever © dhikr with Asma Allah 12 times, surely he will be safe from everything.© People with asthma often dhikr of Allah, then Allah SWT will give glory and honor to him, God willing.© According to a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, if you read "subhaana Allaah wa bi hamdih subhaana Allaah al-'azhiim astaghfirullah 100 times between dawn and sunrise, of course it will help you keep away from the pursuit - pursuit of worldly success, because success worldly who will pursue you.© If you are afraid of the evil and powerful enemy that you see yaa 'adheem dzaa tsanaa al-Fakhr al-'izz wa wa al-majd wa al-kibriyaa' falaa yadzillu 'izzuh ("O the Almighty who has praise Pride and Strength , The glory and majesty, that his greatness was not humiliated ") 12 times and every single time you blow yourself, you certainly will withstand the evil that will be your enemy against you.("People who learn, teach what he knew, and their knowledge is called 'Abd al-'Azhiim in heaven." [Hadith of Prophet Muhammad SAW].'Abd al-'Azhiim is the one to whom God shows His greatness is perfect. And the strength that comes from the truth, he saw the punishment for the opponents of truth and merit to the defense of truth. The greatness and strength are above others because of his inner greatness is reflected by the appearance of birth)34. Al - Ghafuur (Oft-Forgiving, Most Forgiving)© If a person feels guilty and therefore felt heavy in his heart, by reading yaa Ghafuur 100 times after Friday prayers, his suffering will disappear, and if Allah willed, He would forgive the sin.© Those who regularly read this then Asma Allah havoc and grief will stay away from him, God willing. Besides, Allah SWT will give blessing on his wealth and offspring.© People who say as many as three times yaa Rabb Al-Ghafuur Aghfirli when prostrate then Allah will forgive his sins of the past and future.© Asma Allah Whoever wrote this on people who are sick of fever, the patient's undoubtedly going to be fine.© Whoever wrote Sayyidul - istighfaar then remove them with water and diminumkannya to people in difficulty in the face of death so that his tongue hard to say the word - the word, it will breathe easier when the person concerned-death. This has been tried by many people and work well.35. Ash - Syakuur (Supreme Thanker)© Whoever wrote it for people who suffer from shortness of breath or feel tired or feel heavy weight of his body, then this title is deleted (dilunturkan) it with water and drunk kepda the sick person, and used to rub his body, surely the patient's will recover from his illness thanks to Allah SWT. And if the water diusapkan to face people who suffer from weak sight, surely he will get keberkatannya.© Asma Allah Whoever read this every day as much as 41 times to overcome financial problems, physical, spiritual, mind, and so forth. God willing, the problem will be resolved soon.36. Al - 'Aliiyy (Most High)© A person who reads it every day Asma Allah by istiqamah and brought along the text in the body, then the degree will be exalted and blessed with prosperity, and all hajatnya will be met, Insha Allah.© Asma Allah Whoever wrote this over a little boy, then Allah will submit it to the adult level; if written to a flunky, it will be collected by his desire, and if written to the poor, then he will get rich thanks to the gift of God SWT.37. Al - Kabiir (Great)© If a person is dismissed from office, should he fasted for seven days and every day reading kabiir yaa laa anta al-ladzii tahdi 'uquul li washfi' azamatih ("O the Most Besaar That can not be described reason") as much as 1,000 times, then his position will be returned to him, besides that he will get the glory and honor, God willing.© Efficacious to open the doors of science and makrifat for people with a lot of dhikr with Asma Allah.© Any person who has a lot of debt, then he dhikr by reading kabiir yaa laa anta al-ladzii tahdi 'uquul li washfi' azamatih ("O the Most Besaar That can not be described reason") as much as 1,000 times, they will be able to repay debt - debts that.38. Al - Hafiizh (Supreme Conservation, Supreme Maintenance, Supreme Protect)© Those who dhikr with Asma Allah is with istiqamah or write them down and bring it in a scary place, then he will survive, even if he sleeps in a wild animal.© If someone is wearing a necklace bearing the name of yaa Hafiizh and he did not forget to read at least 10 times a day, surely he will be safe from violence, catastrophe, loss and things - things that bring madharat, Insha Allah.39. Al - Muqiit (Supreme Preserver, the Supreme Giving Rezeki and Strength)© Asma Allah Whoever wrote it or read it on the ground, then land dibasahinya and then kissed it, Allah will strengthen the hold hunger.© People who want to travel a difficult and dangerous to read yaa Muqiit 7 times over a bottle of water, then write Asma Allah is on the bottle as much as 7 times as well. As long as he drank from the bottle on his way, he'll get the strength to overcome various difficulties and dangers that may be encountered.© Asma Allah He who breathes it in a container after the public as much as 7 times, then drink the water for himself or for another person, or breathe in - in the above container, then all hajatnya will be met, Insha Allah.(Selecting that will not add rezekimu forbidden. Whatever your food and from wherever you get it, it just may be your portion. Means not creating sustenance. Even the tool does not provide sustenance. Means and tools were like pipe that comes from God, the Almighty Giver Rezeki , to every creature. Food contained in the pipe it flows through the death of press from the end of the pipe. Death will not come to until your food runs out. He would come to you after your last mouthful and a final gust of breath.)40. Al - Hasiib (Supreme Countdown)© Those who afraid to be defeated by his friend, neighbor facing a cunning, jealous person, or to keep someone's home from destruction then he should read yaa Hasiib every day before sunrise and after sunset as much as 70 times. So before one week, God has saved him from his fear that. Asma Allah should read this starts Thursday.© If someone writes this name on the bottle and watered the baby who cries a lot from this bottle, surely tears will stop.(Know bhwa every minute that passes without a profit, every hour that you do not take advantage because of God, caring for His creatures, or remember Him, thank Him, praise Him, look at what was you doing, is a loss. Thou have no hope to get back that has been lost, you can not redeem the day yesterday, even if you spend the rest of your life. Appreciate your life! Thou shalt not waste - wasted in indolence, negligence and dreams. Make a calculation from the time before you have to take it into account in the presence of God Al-Hasiib)41. Al - Jaliil (Almighty, Most High and Noble)© Anyone who read or write Asma Allah is on a sheet of paper with musk and za'faran ink, and brought, then God will give dignity and majesty to Him.42. Al - Kariim (Most Generous, Most Gracious)Whoever © Asma Allah Dhikr more with this when going to sleep and performed regularly, then Allah will instill into the hearts of Karim's character - wise.© yaa Kariim People who read as much as 270 times each day will be free at all of their debt.© Anyone who read astaghfirullaah yaa Kariim often feel safe from the punishment of God and expect His forgiveness43. Ar - Raqiib (Supreme Supervise, Supreme Observing)© The believer who has been given the gift of ihsaan, blessed with a strong belief that God sees them all the time, read Asma Allah is the hidden place, then his eyes will see the secrets that can not be viewed by others. He can even understand the language of animals, grow - plants and things - inanimate objects.© If someone forgets or loses something, read Asma Allah will help the person to find it again.© If a person feels fear of sorcery or witchcraft against him, read this name 312 times a day for a week will help the magic it becomes magical.© Anyone who wants his family and his property is protected from damage and disaster, should read this every day Asma Allah 7 times and blow on them. Should he continue to read Asma Allah at any time so it will get protection at all times.© Anyone who feels concerned about the fetus that was conceived by a mother from the danger of miscarriage, it should be recited to the upper abdomen of the mother Asma Allah is as much as 7 times, then God willing, the mother will avoid a miscarriage.© Those who wish to sail and he was worried that among the family he left behind something to misbehave, then let Asma Allah recited this 7 times while holding their necks. God willing, what is worrying about it will not happen.(For people who are poor, despair and doubt - doubt about God's mercy is also dangerous. It is also dangerous for the sinner, no matter how great his sin, to doubt the love and mercy of God)44. Al - Mujiib (Supreme grant)© The person who always read yaa Mujiib dhikr, the prayer - will be heard.© yaa Mujiib If Someone read as much as 55 times after doing the prayer circumcision, especially when the sun rises, the demand will be met.© Reading Asma Allah will also stop the rumors - rumors and slander aimed at the person.45. Al - Waasi `(Oft Area)© Efficacious bring spaciousness and position, and avoiding it gracefully from the nature of revenge and greed, and bringing nature to the people of dhikr qanaa'ah with him.© Anyone who wants an abundance of possessions, spiritual elevation, adequacy and not dependent on anyone, it should always dhikr with Asma Allah.© People - people who have the burden of work and heavy responsibilities that it seems they can not carry the strength and dried to obtain salvation if they continue - Asma Allah constantly dhikr with this.© Reading yaa Waasi 'as much as 170 times a person can heal from depression.(Know that God's knowledge is broad, thorough and where - where. You can not hide anything from Him. The power of His all-encompassing, no one can menghindarnya, therefore, be - careful of sin and immorality)46. Al - Hakiim (Wise)© If a person feels that he is not capable of performing the task upon him, or if all the effort gone through a failure, then he is still reading this Asma Allah, surely things will change for the better.© Anyone who continually read Hakiim yaa, Allah will open for her knowledge and wisdom.© If anyone reproduce this dhikr with Asma Allah, Allah will turn himself what - what harm him and will open the door for her wisdom.47. Al - Waduud (Supreme Lovers)© Anyone who read Asma Allah as much as 1,000 times the then meniupkannya on food, then the food he eats together - with his wife, then the disputes and differences between them resolved soon. Love and affection will also be embedded in their hearts, God willing.© Asma Allah If someone wrote this on a piece of silk cloth and then took him and remember to frequently read, even that - people will be more like it.Whoever © dhikr with Asma Allah is as much as 1,000 times, Allah will love him. That's why teachers often encourage students congregation - his students for dhikr with Asma Allah.(With love Him, we also love people - loved ones - his people - those who love - his people - people who teach the word - and his words - words that they teach. All the love belongs to - him.All that we love is mortal, just like ourselves. What is eternal is our sacred soul, the greatest reward for us and the owner of that soul which is our Creator. Awareness of it is a gift greater than all that we have in this world. For if God loves His servant, He will give to the person's understanding, awareness, faith and love to - him.)48. Al - Majiid (Supreme Majesty)© If a believer who has a good nature, a skin disease, fasting on the 13th of 14 and 15 months Qamariyah and when breaking yaa Majiid read 100 times, then the disease can be helped. This method also helps in cases of heart disease and depression.49. Al - Baa'its (Supreme Generating)© If someone is able to admit that he was negligent and failed in life according to the provisions - the provision of God, and know that he is not afraid of the punishment of God, but still suffers because of this situation and want to change it, he must often read Asma Allah, then he will feel fear, love and hope love God and change the course of his life.© If a person accused of arbitrary - arbitrary, then read as much as 7070 times Yaa Baa'its will save him.© Barang siapa when going to bed put his hand chest and read Asma Allah is as much as 101 times, then hatinya will live with the knowledge and wisdom, God willing.50. Ash - Syahiid (is Witness)© Efficacious people who make dhikr with Allah Asma was returning to the truth of kebathilan.© People who sinned by disobeying Allaah to God and he really - really knows that he is doing the wrong thing will be able to control his actions when he read yaa Syahiid 21 times without a break.© If Asma Allah was read, putting the index at the hands of a recalcitrant child, the child will undoubtedly become more tractable.© Those who seek for a rebellious son and his wife became devout, should put his hand on his forehead, then read this Asma Allah 21 times and meniupkannya, God willing, they will obey.(He was closer to the servants - servants than their own souls. He has the love and compassion towards those who are far greater than their attention to themselves. The gift of His infinite: there is no end to His mercy)51. Al - Haqq (All-True)© If you read laa ilaaha illaa Allaah al-Malik al-Haqq al-Mubiin ("There is no god but Allah, Almighty King, The Real Truth) as much as 100 times each day, surely he'll get a fortune in an unexpected - expect.Whoever © dhikr with Asma Allah is as much as 1,000 times every day, it would be a good ruqyah.© The person who wrote this Asma Allah on a rectangular piece of paper at its four corners, then laid it on the palm of his hand in the dawn of time, lifting it toward the sky, Allah will protect him from what disusahkannya.(Tawakkul, submit to God, does not mean ignoring the cause - the cause of an event. Silence and do not care about the cause and the consequence is a lazy attitude. Put their trust in God is one of the obligations in Islam, while the lazy attitude is a sin)52. Al - Wakiil (Supreme Maintenance, Supreme Sufficient)© If anyone reproduce this dhikr with Asma Allah, Allah will open the door for him - the door of kindness and sustenance.© If someone who put their trust in God are in danger of natural disasters or the middle of the attacking enemy, read this Asma Allah continuously as much as 66 times, surely he would survive.© Rasulullah SAW said, "If you read Hasbiiyallaah ilaaha illaa laa Huwa 'alayh tawakkaltu Huwa wa rabb al-'arsy al-'azhiim (' Allah is sufficient for me, there is no god but Him, only Him I put my trust and He is Lord have the Throne of the Great '[At-Tauba: 129]) at a time when morning and night, then God will be wakilmu and will guide your business in this world and the hereafter with the best guidance for you ".53. Al - Qawiyy (Most Powerful)© People who tyrannized Asma Allah should read this as many times - much to stop kezalimannya. So God will give him protection. Insha Allah.© People who read this Asma Allah as much as 116 times each day, if they are weak or tired of praying five times, then they will gain strength and was pleased to perform their prayers.© If a person has for carrying out a difficult and dangerous journey Asma Allah read this, surely they will not feel pain.© If someone enters a place or in a hazardous situation, which read bi ism Allaah al-Rahmaan al-Raheem wa laa laa quwwata illaa hawla wa bi al-Allaah al-'Azhiim'Aliyy ("In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate and Merciful, and there was no power and no effort other than Allah Most High, Most Great ") would eliminate the danger or to give that person the power to deal with it.(A servant should expect for all the goodness and beauty comes from God, and only fear the punishment of God. By this all the other fears loss of heart slaves - slaves who had been tethered to their Lord)

54. Al - Turn off (Stearns Supreme, Supreme Perfect Strength)© If a believer menydari that he himself is a despotic longer behaves badly, and wanted to leave a bad character, then he should get used to reading these Asma Allah as much as 500 times each day, will undoubtedly help him to become a better person.© If a mother's milk for her baby shortage, so if he drank from a cup that reads yaa Turn off the milk will increase.© Asma Allah Whoever read this on a small girl or boy - little boy 10 times, surely the child will not do ungodly.55. Al - Waliyy (Protecting Supreme, Supreme HELPFUL and Controlling)© If a believer reading this Asma Allah 700 times on Friday night, then all the material and spiritual barriers will disappear. Easy - I hope people like that see the true nature and meaning of all things.© In a marriage where one partner has a quarrelsome nature, if the other spouse Asma Allah remember this when they're fighting the fight would not be turned into a brawl.© If someone has a wife who is bad behavior, this should be read Asma Allah continue - constantly when in front of him, God willing, will be a good behavior.Whoever © dhikr with Allah Asma is on Friday night as much as 1,000 times, nicaya God will give the (leadership) to him and will be in reckoning with an easy reckoning.(The guardians of God has illuminated the eye, and saw by the light of God. They draw lessons from everything they hear and see. The light of God shine on their faces: anyone who saw it to be remembered to God)56. Al - Hamiid (Praised)© If someone who reads yaa Hamiid in a state of solitude as much as 93 times during 45 days, the habits and nature - it is bad will become good. Insha Allah.© If a person of faith, worship and is in line with a Muslim reading Asma Allah as much as 99 times after dawn prayers, God will illuminate the hearts of those on that day.© If someone reading this Asma Allah as much as 66 times after morning prayers and evening prayers, God will beautify the words and deeds.© If someone reading this Asma Allah 100 times each after praying five times a day, God will enter the person to the class of slaves - the pious servants who will be loved and will be served by everyone and every living creature© If someone has a dirty mouth, by writing yaa Hamiid in a glass and drink from this cup on a regular basis, then his words would be good.(Satan and Satan's self, the passions are thieves who operate in the darkness and into the dark house. They will not get into the house of God, hearts illuminated by the light of faith. The door to the heart is the mind; light door is a science. The light blocking malicious ignorance, delusion, hypocrisy and arrogance. If the soul is the consciousness of light, then darkness is negligence.)57. Al - Muhshiy (Supreme Registrar, Supreme Taking Every Practice)© People who read this Asma Allah as much as 20 times per day and then blew the 20 pieces of bread and then eaten, God will make all creatures subject to him, God willing.© For people who have difficulty in understanding what they hear or remember something, read Asma Allah as much as 148 times this will help. Reading Asma Allah also give encouragement to people to be critical of yourself.(He who ascribed partners to Allah, meaning he has done one - the only sin that can not be forgiven.)58. Al - Mubdi'u (Supreme Started All Things)© If someone doubts - doubts in determining the decision to be taken, then by reading this Asma Allah as much as 1,000 times he will be able to decide quickly.© He who puts his hand on his wife's pregnant belly, then read yaa Mubdi'u as much as 99 times at dawn, she would not be a miscarriage and her child will not be born prematurely, Insha Allah.59. Al - Mu `iid (Supreme Repeating Genesis)© If someone is missing, this should be read Asma Allah 70 times in every corner of his house at night when everyone was asleep. So he'll be back after 7 days or known to exist within time. Insha Allah© Efficacious to remind sap who forgot if this dhikr with Asma Allah.© If anyone reading this Asma Allah as much as 1,000 times, it will be gone confusion and will be presented to the path of truth.© If a person who lost their household items or items worth reading this Asma Allah as much as 77 times at the four walls of a house in the stillness of the night after everyone was asleep, the news about people who steal or missing items will return the goods.(Abd al-Mu'iid are people who God has placed within his knowledge about the secret that all things continue - constantly re-created)60. Al - Muhyii (Supreme Gives Life)© Those who dhikr with Asma Allah is above his body, then he will be spared from prison and drowned.© People who are sick should read Asma Allah is constantly - constantly. It can also read other people and then blown to the sick person, Insha Allah will recover his health.© If a person suffers for being a slave to desires Asma Allah always read it until he fell asleep because of tiredness then he will be able to control his evil lust.© If you read this Asma Allah as much as 68 times a day then Allah will decorate their hearts with the light of faith and science and will give them a willingness to help others who were in need of help.© If a believer suffers ill read Asma Allah is as much as 68 times after the obligatory prayers, surely he will recover.(The lowest degree of knowledge to someone is the awareness and recognition of self. People who do not know themselves are not aware of its existence may be the same with the dead. Speech is not aware of the carcass of life is dead and deadly: stay away from them!)61. Al - Mumiit (His Most Deadly Creatures)Whoever © dhikr with Asma Allah, then his soul would dutifully perform good deeds.© People who can not control his lust should put his hand on his chest and continued - Asma Allah constantly reading it until he fell asleep, God willing, he will be given the power to control his lust.© Reading Asma Allah this will help someone get a friendship with people of faith and gain victory over the enemy.62. Al - Hayy (The Supreme Life)© People who want to obtain health Asma Allah should read this as much as 3,000 times every day.© If the sick person Asma Allah write this with musk and rose water in a container and then wash it with water and then writing a drink, then the pain will heal, God willing. Water can also be given to others who are sick.© A believer who read this on an ongoing Asma Allah - again, God willing, will live long and happy life.© If someone is very depressed and felt very difficult, then by reading this Asma Allah as much as 500 times each day before sunrise, he will get kedamaikan.© If anyone reading this Asma Allah as much as 300,000 times, then he would not suffer ill for - ever.63. Al - Qayyuum (Supreme Self)© Those who read yaa yaa Hayyu Qayyuum from sunrise until the sun rise, then he will get a sense of pleasure in itself infinite.© Those who pray with Asma Allah is the vast ocean, then God will save him from the danger of drowning.© People who read this Asma Allah as much - a lot of her in a state of solitude it will become prosperous and rich.© If the people who spend a lot of precious time to sleep, so before falling asleep, let him read Alif Lam Mim, Allaahu laa ilaaha illaa Huw al-Hayy al-Qayyuum ("Alif Lam Mim, Allah there is no god but Him, the Almighty and His Life self-existent "[Al-Baqarah: 225]) then the sleepiness disappears.© If the people who suffer from insomnia read tahsabuhum aiqaazhan Waa wa hun ruquud ("And you think them awake while they sleep") fadharabnaa 'alaa al-kahf aadzaanihim FII siniin' adadan ("..... So We sealed their ears some years in the cave '), when going to sleep then he will be able to sleep.© People who have difficulty in memorizing can familiarize Asma Allah read this 16 times a day in a deserted place, then he will be able to overcome adversity.64. Al - Waajid (Maha Kaya)© Asma Allah Whoever read this on every bribe his food, his heart would be given the power and light by God.© A believer who familiarize themselves with the dhikr of Allah Asma this as often as possible will be able to help him find what he wanted to find and maintain what has been found.(People who believe grateful for the life they have received. They bring a sense of Gratitude them into action by serving God because of God's creatures, by always working hard as - if they will never die.)65. Al - Maajid (Supreme Majesty, Supreme Court and High)© Those who dhikr with Allah Asma this until late in the preoccupation, Allah will give light in his heart.© People who believe reading the Asthma God is as many as 465 times during the day and 465 times during the night the word - he will be understood by others according to what she meant. Its improved. He was loved and respected. He can even understand the language of animals and plants and they also can understand it.66. Al - Waahid (Maha Esa)© Anyone who wants the feeling of dependence on out of his creatures, should read this Asma Allah as much as 1,000 times per day and eliminated the fear of God which is the origin of all disasters in the world and the Hereafter.© Printed ready to take the desire for their children should be obedient and pious Asma Allah write this (on paper, cloth etc) and this paper is always taken anytime and anywhere.© If someone is overwritten khayalan evil, rsa takut unwarranted to everything and a heavy heart, should ablutions Asma Allah and read as many as 1,000 times in a quiet place, surely he will recover.© If a believer who face danger from people who are very cruel to read yaa Waahiid al-Baaqii awwala kulli syai 'wa aakhirah ("O Thou the One, the Eternal at the beginning of all things and in the end") as much as 500 times after praying dzuhur, then he would survive.(He is the One God in His beautiful names, no one can disifati with it than him. Anyone who liken something else with him is guilty of sin that can not be forgiven ie, associating him with something else. He was the one - the only the right to be worshiped. His Oneness can not be divided - for. He is a whole without parts - part.)67. Al - Ahad (The Supreme One)© If anyone reading this in a state Asma Allah have ablution as much as 19 times after the dawn prayer, then all will be heard, Insha Allah.© If somebody who sit alone a quiet place to read Asma Allah is as much as 1,000 times, meaning ponder and try to feel the unity of its form, a few things about the inner core can be manifested.68. Ash - Shamad (Supreme Required)Whoever © dhikr with Asma Allah 125 times after praying at dawn and before sunrise in a state of prostration, will behold the former - the former truth to it, will be protected from lying, unlawful behavior or hostility from others and will improve the nature and faith.© Those who say Asma Allah is constantly - constantly and in a state have ablution, he soon will not have a dependency to all beings.© If someone is watching another person being under the influence of the wicked, and do deeds of sin, he must fast respectively - joined on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and break the fast without eating meat or products - dairy products, then read as much as yaa Shamad 100 times above the food or drink and given to people who are in difficulties, then it will help him to repent of the wrong actions and save him from the influence - the influence of evil.(God that Meets all the needs are always there, find out your needs before you know it, as appropriate to meet your needs, not by who you think how should these needs are met)69. Al - Qaadir (Almighty)© Any person who after praying two rak do read Asma Allah 100 times, Allah will humble and humiliate the enemy - the enemy (provided he does not zalin)© If Asma Allah is read 41 times before tackling a difficult task, so the problems will disappear, God willing.© If a believer reading this kerika Asma Allah is washed every member of his body in a purification ritual, undoubtedly to the members of that body would be given strength.© The person who suffers because her love was rejected should continue reading this Asma Allah as much as 305 times, then perhaps a loved one will return his love or his suffering would end.(Al-Qaadir have an unlimited ability. His ability to make something happen, his power to make and create only a requirement, that is His will.)70. Al - Muqtadir (Supreme Specify)© Those who continue to read this Asma Allah as much as 744 times after waking up, God will set his business as he wanted, so he no longer regulate itself.71. Al - Muqaddim (Most Prefer)© Those who read Asma Allah is as much - many in time of war or jihad, Allah will give him courage and he will be safe from its enemies.© The person who reads it will continually be submissive and obedient to Allah SWT.© People who know the demands of the passions and state of his soul, and who knows that lusts pulling it down toward the ground because it was created from the ground, while his soul pulled upward toward the sky because he comes from that direction, can be used to read Asma Allah 148 times every day. That person will be given the wisdom to choose prioritaasnya in this life or the will to carry out the obligation - our obligation to the afterlife in a timely manner, and will achieve success in both.72. Al - Mu'akhkhir (Supreme mengakhirkan)© The faithful are getting used to read Asma Allah is as much as 100 times a day to be able to see their error and repent.© If the person repents Allah Asma reading this as much as 1,000 times, God willing, their repentance will be accepted. Signs of receipt of repentance is the strengthening of their desire to perform their prayers.© If someone wants to prevent the unjust person from getting a high rank, then let him read this Asma Allah as much as 1446 times before the sun rose for seven consecutive days - participate. By the will of God he was able to prevent it.(God's existence by itself. His existence does not depend on other than Himself and He is Most High from all other existence. He who gives what is necessary for the existence of all things.)73. Al - Awwal (Supreme Earlier, Yang Not Berpermulaan)© Those who seek boys - Asma Allah men should read this as much as 40 times per day for 40 days. So his wish would come true.© If a traveler is reading Asma Allah 1,000 times on Friday he would soon return home are safe and healthy.© People who have many problems or lost his lover should read yaa Awwal as many as 1,000 times during the 40 consecutive friday - take part. Their desire will be fulfilled.74. Al - Aakhir (Supreme End)© Those who wish for the love of God firmly planted in his heart, but God love missing from her heart, sin - sin in forgiven and die in a state believe he should read this Asma Allah 1,000 times every heart.© The believer who reads this Asma Allah as much as 100 times a day would stop fooling themselves and see the truth.© If someone is being attacked by the enemy and yes Aakhir read as much as 800 times, surely the attacker will back off.© Reading Asma Allah is as much as 1,000 times every day Friday will help to increase one's sustenance.(The nature of "The First" and "The Last" should be read, known and remembered at the same time because it means like a circle in which the beginning and end is one)75. Azh - Zhaahir (Supreme Real)© If a believer has good intentions and tried hard to make it happen, then let him make prayer circumcision two cycles then read Huwa al-Awwal al-Aakhir wa al-Zahir wa wa wa Huwa bi al-kull Baathin syay '' Aliim ("He is the First and the Last, The Looks and The Hidden, and He is aware of all things ") as much as 145 times. He'll get a better chance to get what she wants.© Reading Asma Allah is enabling someone to see things that were previously hidden.© If a person has a difficulty and do not know the way out, then after the prayer evening prayer, let him do the last two cycles circumcision yaa Zhaahir read as much as 1006 times, while pleading to God to show a way out of the problem. The solution will be demonstrated to him in a dream.© People who read Asma Allah as much as 500 times each day after sunrise, Allah will give him his views and his heart filled with light.76. Al - Baathin (The Hidden)© If the faithful to get used to reading Asma Allah as much as 33 times a day then their inner nature will be the light, the eye will open their hearts, they will begin to see the true nature and understand the meaning of all things, with the permission of Allah. They will find peace, saying they will be sweet and helpful. They will be loved and respected by others.© Any person who is always reading huwal awwalu aakhiru wazh zhahiru wal wal wa Huwa baathinu bikulli syai'in qadiir after two rak do prayer, then all hajatnya will be met, Insha Allah.© Savor ism Al - Baathin is to get a sense of security for people of dhikr with it, each and every heart three times - each time a moment.77. Al - Waaliy (Supreme Ruling, The Master of All Affairs)© Those who read this over and Asma Allah - and again, he would be saved from unwanted disaster.© If Asma Allah is written in glass or ceramic container, then a glass or container filled with water, and water was dipercikan at home, then the house will be saved from disaster, Insha Allah.© If a person intends to subjugate other people, should he read it 11 times Asma Allah.© If a believer who assume responsibility for the power of reading Asma Allah is as much as 1,000 times every day Friday for the good of the people that rice under his control, then his words would be useful for them. They also will be more grateful, respectful and obedient to him.78. Al - Muta `aaliy (Most High)© If a believer is derived from his position when he is not guilty, then read this Asma Allah as much as 540 times, then he will regain his post, or increased his position more than others with the same qualifications.© A person who will conduct the interview should be read Asma Allah as much as 540 times, will help that person to become more effective.© People often read Asma Allah, all its problems will be solved.© Women who read Asma Allah is as much - many will be free from pain, Insha Allah.("People who read Al - Quran and do not practice what they read like a man who never saw Al - Quran. People who looked at his parents' faces with angry, although he served both in earnest, meaning he did not take care of them. I can not do What - what is on people - people like that and they also can not do anything - anything to me "[hadith of the Prophet])79. Al - Barr (Supreme Good, Supreme Virtue)© Those who are addicted to booze, adultery or other immoral acts, should read this Asma Allah 700 times each day, God willing, he will get guidance from God.© If Asma Allah is read as much - the number it will be very effective to eliminate the love of the world.© Those who read this Asma Allah 7 times and then meniupkannya to her son shortly after birth, Allah will give protection to children from disaster to adult.© To bring goodness in the works that are for the people of dhikr with him.© People - people are paralyzed and continuously read Asma Allah 202 times each day will get the cure, relief or the fortitude to bear their illness.© People - people who were in the middle of the sea when the storm would survive if they continue to read Asma Allah.(The hypocrite like the room is already in use. Its exterior looks clean but the inside dirty)80. At - Tawwaab (Supreme Recipient Taubat)© Those who seek for God to give taufik him to repent, should read this Asma Allah 360 times each day after praying Duha.© If Asma Allah was read 10 times before a despotic, people who read it will soon be free from kezalimannya, Insha Allah.© The faithful who can not stop making mistakes, but he knew it, and dipenui guilt, should read Asma Allah as much as 400 times in the morning. On one day he will feel that repentance be accepted. Signs of receipt of repentance is that one can no longer do that sin, and the memory of sin is gone from his mind.81. Al - Muntaqim (Supreme avenger)© If a believer tyrannized by the enemies of God who deserve to be punished, then by reading yaa yaa Muntaqim Qahhaar as much as 1,000 times during one day, then the strength of the wrongdoers will be destroyed.© Those who do not do evil and wanted to reply to his enemies but do not have the power to do so, should read Asma Allah is constantly - constantly for 3 Friday, then God himself shall reward.(A lot of misfortunes that befall man is the result of their sins that do not recognize repentance. If you complain to these difficulties, the difficulties will only grow. But, if you accept it, view it as the will of God, and subject to God's will consider the submission as sin - your sin and as a true repentance, so that any difficulties will go away.)82. Al - `Afuww (Oft forgiving, Most Forgiving)© If anyone reproduce this dhikr with Asma Allah, Allah will open the door for her apology and forgiveness - His.© A believer who reads this Asma Allah as much as 166 times a day will be able to control the evil desires within desires. Its going to get better and people - people will forgive mistakes.© Asma Allah Remember to read this when it was on the verge of unbridled anger and followed by reading Muhammada salawat to the prophet Muhammad would help appease the anger of someone.© The person who is facing a judge who will impose punishment for mistakes he has done, should read this name 166 times, then the punishment will be canceled or reduced.83. Ar - Ra'uuf (Most Gracious)© The faithful who read this Asma Allah as much as 286 times a day will have a heart full of generosity and concern for others, and these feelings will be reciprocated. That person will also be given a way to help people who are in need of help.Whoever © dhikr with Asma Allah is as much as 10 edit icon when it was hit by anger, and then read salawat prophet Muhammad 10 times as well, will inevitably simmer down his anger. Similarly, if read out in front of people who are angry.© Any person who desires that all the creatures love him and vice versa, should read this over and Asma Allah - re.84. Maalikul - Mulk (The Supreme Master of the Kingdom)© The faithful who read this Asma Allah 212 times each day will get a provision that many unexpected ways. Doubts that may exist in their minds will turn into confidence. People that they would command respect and obey them with sincerity.© If anyone reading this regularly Asma Allah, Allah will give wealth to him and enriched his thanks to His grace and mercy.(Man is a universe in microcosm; any existence in the universe, of existence within us. Man is also the supreme beings and representatives of Allah. That is why for a period of time God gives some royal servants, land, property , welfare, and let them master it. God also gave to the servants - servants of certain knowledge about how to organize so that their empire was growing and their profits increased)85. Dhul - Jalaali Wal - Ikraam (Lord of Greatness and Kemulian)© Efficacious bring glory, honor and greatness to the people of dhikr with Asma Allah.© Prophet said: "Read Dzuu al-Jalaal wa al-Ikraam if you ask something from God.© If a believer Asma Allah read this 100 times a day for a week, then all the burden of difficulties, doubts, and problems will leave his heart, so his heart will be free from delusion, anxiety and hope that nothing - nothing. Crime would not touch it and she will get peace.(There is a secret in his action to suspend the punishment and forgiveness of sins. Taught us that the fires of hell exists, He taught us that there are many ways to save themselves. It is like the announcement of the host-rich, and generous philanthropist who stated: "Door - Our door is open, the table - our table was laid out. People who get these invitations are welcome to come, and we do not insult people who do not come to our party")86. Al - Muqsith (Supreme Passing)Whoever © dhikr with Allah Asma this regularly, then God will prevent wary of it and protect it from doubt - doubt that is exhaled by the devil.© If a person's mind always wanders when he was working on the prayer, then by reading this Asma Allah as much as 239 times before starting to work on prayer will do good.© If Asma Allah is read 700 times for a purpose, then the goals will be achieved, God willing.© Many read Asma Allah will also help calm people when they're angry or depressed.87. Al - Jaami `(Oft Collect)© If keluarrga or relatives separated from each other person, should he take a bath at the time of Duha, and then tilted toward the sky view and read it 10 times Asma Allah. But the count with the fingers should be such that in every reading, finger remain closed until the matter of the tenth. After that should diusapkan hands to the face. Insha Allah families separated from each other will come together.© If someone who lost something or separated from their loved ones, then read yaa Jaami 'of 114 times followed by yaa Jaami' al-Naas li laa yawm rayb fiih ijmaa '' alayya dalatii ("O man of God who gather on the day that is not There is no doubt about it, satukanlah what has been lost from me by myself ") will berfedah to discover what has been lost.© If anyone reproduce this dhikr with Asma Allah, then he will succeed in achieving goals - goals.88. Al - Ghaniiyy (Maha Kaya)© If you read over something that is sick in body or bodies of others, surely Allah will cut off the pain.© If people - people who have read the material needs Asma Allah is as much as 1060 times on Saturday, then they will not need help from others, because God will meet their needs from a place - a place entirely unpredictable.© If someone reading this Asma Allah as much as 70 times, God will give blessings to his wealth and their needs will be fulfilled.89. Al - Mughniiy (Supreme Giver of Wealth)© People with Asthma dhikr of Allah is as much as 1,000 times per day, Allah will make it rich - highway.© Those who read salawat 11 times before and after reading this Asma Allah as much as 1111 times, he will be blessed with spiritual and material wealth. Reading should be done after the dawn prayer or evening prayer. But the letter also Muzzammil Asma Allah must be read together with this.© Reading Asma Allah is as much as 1121 cal every Friday for 10 consecutive jumt - also will help relieve feelings of anxiety.© If people read Asma Allah is on your palms and rub the body part that feels pain, then he will be cured. It also can help liberate people - people who are unfairly imprisoned.90. Al - Maani `(Oft Prevent, Supreme Refuse)Whoever © Asma Allah Dhikr more with this, surely all requests will be granted by God and rejected Him from her crime.© Reading Asma Allah is as much as 161 times in the morning and evening to help eliminate the disease and fear.© If a husband and wife feel losing a sense of love between them, read this slowly Asma Allah in bed will turn back the love between them.© Reading Asthma is the way God would help keep the dangers and difficulties.(If we do not get what - what we want, it is not He did not know it, not because he did not have it, not because He can not give it, or because he was not able to turn them over to us. He is Perfect, Most Holy of any shortcomings . Although the reason may be we do not know, we have to believe that if we do not get what we want, that's best for us.)91. Al - Dhaarr (Supreme Giver of Danger)© Those who read this Asma Allah 100 times on Friday night, he will be saved, physical and spiritual disaster. Besides, who reads it will get closer to God.© A person who is forced down to a lower position than that occupied prior to reading Dhar yaa, yaa Naafi 'as much as 100 times per night Friday or better yet on 13, 14, 15 in Qamariyah, then that person - that person will get back position.© Reading Asma Allah as much as 1001 times this will save someone from enemies who do wrong.92. An - Naafi `(Supreme Giver of Benefits)© Those who boarded the vessel or raise the goods on the ship, should read Asma Allah is as much - much. Insha Allah he will be saved from all dangers.© If you read this Asma Allah as much as 41 times before doing a task, then the task will be resolved easily.© If Asma Allah is read before berjima ', God will give to him a pious child.© Reading Asma Allah will eliminate sadness, depression and stress.(Actually we experience suffering and misfortune that befell us was none other than our own fault. Although God created the crime and ordered us away from it and forbade us from it, but we instead pursue things - things that are prohibited)93. An - Nuur (Supreme Brighter)© Those who read this 1001 times Asma Allah after reading the Sura al-Nur, his heart will be illuminated with light of the Prophet and God's light.© If people - believers, that their hearts are filled with darkness of doubt and sorrow, reading Surat An-Nur as much as 7 times and read Asma Allah is as much as 1,000 times, surely doubt they will disappear and they will even become the light of heart.© If a person who lost reading this Asma Allah as much as 265 times, then he will find his way back.© Reading Asma Allah will enlighten the heart and limb with people of dhikr. Therefore, Prophet Muhammad multiplied call in his prayer as follows: "O God, have put into my soul the light within, light in my grave, the light in my vision, the light at the hearing, light on my right, light on my left, light in front of me, light behind me and the light above me. O Allah, dakanlah me and make me light the light with the blessing of Thy grace, O God the Most Merciful. "94. Al - Haadii (Supreme Giver Help)© He who raised both hands (as when praying), looking at the sky and read it several times Asma Allah then brushed her hands on her face (as finished praying), God will give him perfect guidance, and will include it in a class of people - a devout and righteous.© Efficacious give clues to the hearts of people of dhikr with Asma Allah.Whoever © dhikr with Asma Allah, then he will be awarded the position to control the people with rights.© Reading Asma Allah 200 times each day will bring someone to success.© If you are unsure of your purpose, read Asma Allah will guide you to the right choice.© Asma Allah If someone wrote this in a cup, rain water entering into it, read to him and meminumkannya yaa Haadii to children who have difficulty memorizing and not obedient, it will undoubtedly improve the situation.95. Al - Badii `(Supreme Creator New)© If a person is experiencing grief, he should read it 1,000 times Asma Allah, Allah will remove it from suffering.© If someone is dihimpit difficulty and reading yaa Baadii 'al-samaawaat wa al-ard ("O Creator of heaven and earth") as much as 70 times it will be made easy solution.© If someone read yaa Baadii 'al-samaawaat wa al-ard ("O Creator of heaven and earth") as much as 1,000 times will help alleviate depression and stress.© If God Believers Asthma reading this as much as 86 times after prayers fardhu, then their understanding will increase, their inner eyes will open and achieve inner meaning of knowledge so that they are able to do the task - the difficult task better than others, and their speech will into words - words of wisdom.Whoever © dhikr with Allah Asma is 700,000 times, then hajatnya will be met and will be appointed by God kemudharatan from him.© If someone does a search, it should read 1200 by Asma Allah, before 12 days, God willing, they are looking for will be met.96. Al - Baaqiiy (Supreme Eternal)© God will give you protection and accept all the good deeds of people who read this Asma Allah 1,000 times on Friday night.Whoever © dhikr with Asma Allah is as much as 1,000 times he will undoubtedly terlepaslah of disaster and misery.© The faithful who read this Asma Allah as much as 113 times each day will get health and wealth, charities and their property will be safe, and it is expected that they will get the love and mercy of Allah on the Day of Resurrection.© If a person suffering from the fear that is, read this Asma Allah as much as 113 times each night when going to bed he undoubtedly will be free of this fear.(If you're a doctor or architect, when you go to a place where no one is sick or not there is anything to be built, then the existence and knowledge to be destroyed. But if you find the disease long after you leave, or if you build a bridge that will go through people - people for long periods of time, and niatmu in doing all of that is to serve and not for profit, then you will gain immortality in the Hereafter because what you have done in this world)97. Al - Waarist (Supreme Inherit)© If Asma Allah is read 100 times at sunrise, then he would be saved from sorrow, trouble and disaster. In addition, people who read it would die in a state of faith. Insha Allah.© People who want to be saved from the confusion, indecision and distractions Asma Allah should read it 1,000 times between Maghrib and Isha.© Couples who have difficulty having children would contain if they are as often as possible to read Rabbi laa tadzarnii fardan wa anta al-waaritsiin khayr ("O God, do not you let me live without offspring, while You are the heirs of the best" [Al - Anbiya ' : 89])(Attention and curiosity are the two greatest gift to mankind. All knowledge, science and industry are the result of the existence of both the nature of it. Man can not create or make; the kit can do is discover all that God has created previously)98. Ar - Rasyiid (Supreme Clever)© The person who has no knowledge about the ins and outs of a job or unable to work or plan a task, it should read Asma Allah 1,000 times between Maghrib and Isha, the duty and the plan will be understood either through dreams or inspiration.© To ease the financial affairs and for survivors of the catastrophe, should Asma Allah is read every day.Whoever © dhikr with Asma Allah after Isha prayer as much as 100 times, then all his deeds will be accepted of God.© dhikr with Asma Allah will make prayer to be answered.© A teacher who believed that reading Asma Allah as much as 504 times this will avoid delivering incorrect information or be a person who is misunderstood.© Reading Asma Allah is as much as 152 times a day would increase the worldly life and one's inner life. Greeting the reader Asma Allah ni will influence and deeds - deeds is the truth(Thou who spent much treasure and effort to illuminate the life of your material with a chandelier, sparkling jewels and splendor that light, why did you put out a light heart? Do not you know that you can cause liver was enslaved in the darkness, and blind as kalelawar? If the eyes of your head blind, one can guide you on the road, but those whose hearts are blind can not lead and will be lost forever)99. Ash - Shabuur (Maha patient)© Those who read this Asma Allah 100 times before sunrise will be saved from disaster during the day. Besides, God will make the enemy - the enemy was not able to say a word in front.© If someone who have difficulty reading this 1020 times Asma Allah, Insha Allah he will be free from troubles and God will give you peace and contentment in his heart.© If a person believed to be in trouble, suffering, accused of arbitrary - MENA or tyrannized, it is by reading as much as 289 times yaa Shabuur, God willing, he will be spared from all that and his heart would be filled with love of God.YES GOD, BY THY NAME AND BY THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE - WHO ARE THEMSELVES IN THY NAME manifest, Lead OUR ROAD TO THEM. Let us SEE PROPERTIES - PROPERTIES IN ANYWHERE-MU by itself, and clean MIRROR TO OUR HEART WE CAN SEE THE BEAUTY-MU reflected HEREIN. [AAMIIN BI HURMAT Sayyid al-MURSALIIN]


onely_little_girlss@yahoo.com said...

is this based on true facts ?
Im curious because nowdays there are many lies through media ...
Please answer ..
Thank You ..
Please mail me ..

Anonymous said...

I didn't read all of the benefits. But each of the explanation I read closed by the sentence Inshaa-Allah. Meaning that if you recite The Name, the result will be Allah's rights to give or not. Anyway, praying with The Name is better than not at all.

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Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “Allah has ninety-nine names i.e. one-hundred minus one, and whoever knows them will go to Paradise.” (Sahih Al-Bukhari 50:894)

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